Interested in a Water Tank Replacement in Kildare?

Replacing a faulty water tank should be considered as urgent as fixing your toilet or sink.
Your entire household relies on your water tank, so it is important to regularly check and replace your water tank when necessary.

For anyone in need of a water tank replacement in Kildare, Abel Plumbers are available with professional and highly experienced services. Abel Plumbing Dublin can guarantee excellence with our team of expert plumbers. 

Signs You Need To Replace Your Water Tanks

Leaks, damp spots on the ceiling, toilet stopped filling or flushing toilets or poor water pressure can seem like some of the more minor and manageable inconveniences of life, but they may not be independent issues. They are likely signs that you need to replace your water tank. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to flooding, and damage to you internal plumbing which are much more complicated to fix. Contacting your local plumber as soon as you suspect there is an issue with your water tank can save a home from excess damage and extra costs.

Types of Tanks

Depending on the type of water tank you own, There are different problems to be aware of. 

If your water tank is made of galvanized steel, it is susceptible to corrosion or rust.
An eroded water tank can burst, flooding a property.

Most houses are fitted with general plastic tanks. Depending on the space, and water pressure requirements of the property, different sized tanks can be installed.

Unfortunately, plastic tanks can become damaged and begin to contaminate a property's water supply.
A water tank may also be subject to frost damage in the winter, which can lead to your tank bursting. It is important to replace your water tank before serious damage is done to your home.

For more information on water tanks, please see our tank replacements page. 

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